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Product Brand: Kammer
Cavitation Solution Control Valves - Multi-Z

Multi-Z Severe Service control valve handles high-pressure drop applications where entrained solids and cavitation are a problem. Designed for dirty service applications with excessive noise, cavitation, erosion, or high pressure drops.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - CleanFlow

In the food and beverage industry as well as in biotechnology, pharmacy and other areas where perfect cleanliness and sterile valves are required, Flowserve has the solution. Our products meet the USDA and 3A requirements and can be supplied for Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP).

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - ColdFlow

By using an extended bonnet, the packing, gaskets and seals of ColdFlow valves are protected from cryogenic temperatures, thus ensuring their sealing properties. Optional special gaskets and packing can be used to operate at temperatures as low as -69 °C. Depending on the application, Flowserve cryogenic valves are available with a top entry design for the easy maintenance of valves located in a cold box or with a simple extended bonnet attached to the valve body.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - DrainFlow

Over the years Flowserve has accumulated vast experience in developing special features on control valves and dedicated products for specific applications. Flowserve’s engineering departments around the world operate as part of a network so the customer can be confident that the solution we provide is the best design with regard to his specific demands. Flowserve’s experience means that we are recognized as one of the leading companies to provide technical solutions for process control for critical applications.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - HpFlow

High pressure applications up to 60,000 psi or PN 4000 for very special needs. With the unique split body design it is possible to clamp the seat in between the body parts to handle these extreme pressure ratings. In combination with high pressure there is very often the need to handle also high diferential pressure. In this case the HpFlow series offers an axial multi-stage trim design.  

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - LinedFlow

Corrosive fluids, including both gases and liquids, require special attention when it comes to the materials used to build the valve. Flowserve has a wide range of plastic lined valves.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - SmallFlow

Kammer SmallFlow micro flow and low flow valves are designed for applications in a Cv range from 0.000063 to 4.7. The have high rangeability and reproduceable trim characteristics. Standard designs as well as special applications or materials available.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - TotalFlow

alves with pressure classes above PN40 or ANSI Class 300 are considered by Flowserve as "high pressure" designs. Based on decades of proven experience and expertise, Flowserve can supply the best high-pressure control valves on the market with pressure classes up to PN4000 / ANSI Class 4500 and above.

Brand: Kammer