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Product Announcements

Flowserve now offers the Durco® Mark 3™ ISO pump with a sealless magnetic drive to meet your hard-to-seal chemical process needs. It’s well-suited for applications involving the movement of acids and other hazardous or toxic fluids.

The MXb actuator is Limitorque’s next-generation, high-performance unit, offering superior reliability, precision, enhanced analytics and a streamlined user experience.

Durco Mark 3 ISO sealed chemical process pumps from Flowserve have been redeveloped to provide outstanding hydraulic performance, unrivaled reliability and low total cost of ownership. Target applications for the pump, updated with a C-Hydraulic (closed impeller) design, involve the most aggressive fluids and chemicals as well as high-temperature and high-pressure processes.

The Flowserve Valtek Compressor Anti-Surge Valve represents a revolutionary solution to anti-surge control by combining precise control and exceptional responsiveness in a simple, reliable package

Flowserve designed the SIHI® KPH 85229 high-efficiency, two-stage liquid ring compressor to provide best-in-class efficiency and full compliance with API 681 standards in demanding applications that require the ultimate in performance, reliability and safety.

Flowserve VTP (wet-pit) and VPC (double-case) vertical turbine pumps are among the most widely used pumps, found in a variety of applications throughout the Oil and Gas, Water Resources, Power, Chemical and General Industry markets.

The Valtek Valdisk high-performance butterfly control valve is engineered for high capacity and low-pressure loss. It is ideal for high-cycle applications that require a durable control valve solution capable of delivering reliable control and throttling accuracy.

SIHI Dry vacuum pumps are specifically developed for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and other process applications requiring deep vacuum.

Flowserve has been a leader in desalination since the process was commercialized on a large scale. The lessons we have learned during our long history in the desalination industry have led to more reliable, durable, efficient and longer-lasting products.

Flowserve Limitorque LTQ compact, quarter-turn electric actuators are designed for maximum reliability and performance to help you reduce unplanned downtime and minimize ownership and maintenance costs.