Supply Chain Optimization

Driving value for our associates, customers and supplier partners.

Supplier relationship management image

Supplier relationship management

We recognize that the relationships we have with our suppliers are instrumental in our ability to provide innovative solutions and an enhanced customer experience. Flowserve is investing significant effort and resources to ensure that we create true partnerships with our core suppliers that deliver a strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.


Technology systems and solutions

We are committed to driving continuous improvement across every aspect of our business. For our supply chain, this means reshaping how we do business to drive efficiency, transparency and value. Our new, fully integrated suite of supply chain systems and solutions optimizes how Flowserve and our partners manage workflows, transactions and communication. Mercury, our password-protected supplier portal, provides our suppliers with access to our supply chain systems and relevant information and resources from a single access point.

Supply chain ecosystem image

Supply chain ecosystem

Our proprietary supply chain model, called Supply Chain Ecosystem, provides the framework for a world-class supply chain in the flow control industry. The ecosystem sets out clear areas of focus that we hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable for delivering. 

Review our supply chain ecosystem model.