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What we buy forklift suppliers

What we buy

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of world-leading flow control solutions, Flowserve procures goods and services covering a wide range of direct, indirect and logistics scopes of supply. We source goods and services from a diverse and global supply base that shares the same commitment to ethics and can support our manufacturing and service footprint.  See our categorized summary of what goods and services we buy.

Suppliers acceptance criteria machine

Supplier acceptance criteria

Our suppliers are an extension of Flowserve, so it is important that we share the same values and commitments to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

There are key differentiators that we look for in new suppliers, including the following:

  • Strong value proposition
  • Industry-recognized quality certifications
  • Proven history in the same or similar industries and markets
  • Proven capability to export products globally

If you are considering becoming a Flowserve supplier, we ask that you review our Supplier Expectations and Supply Chain Governance requirements to ensure we are a good fit.


Become A Flowserve Supplier

Flowserve is interested in hearing from you. If you believe your organization is well positioned within our industry to provide high-quality products and/or services on time, in full and at cost, please contact us.