Flowserve And Social Impakt Distribute Water Filters In Bali

Efforts help to ease the impact of COVID-19 on the Balinese people

As part of the Flowserve Cares program, we partner with various organizations around the globe to make a difference far and wide. In Bali, Flowserve and Social Impakt teamed up to provide ceramic water filters to improve access to clean drinking water for rural communities.

Like many regions of the world, Bali’s people depend on income from tourism, but travel to the region has been halted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the travel shutdown, many people have lost their jobs and watched their livelihoods disappear.

Boosting access to clean drinking water

Working with Social Impakt, Flowserve helped to distribute water filters to people in Kampung Bugis and Besakih village, two regions which were hit especially hard by COVID-19.

Kampung Bugis in Serangan, South Denpasar, is a community of fishermen who have seen their income drastically reduced. To get fresh drinking water, Kampung Bugis families must buy water or boil well water, which can be expensive. Besakih village in Karangasem, East Bali, is the home of the “Mother” Temple of Bali. This community boils rainwater to drink, which requires purchasing fuel for a heat source.

Using the filters, the Balinese people can purify water at the household level without needing to boil or buy water or use electricity. In these communities, where families struggle to make ends meet, every penny they save makes a huge difference. Not only are the people in these communities saving money on fuel and water costs, but the clean, filtered water leads to better health.

A reliable partner

Flowserve partnered with Social Impakt to donate the water filters in Bali. Social Impakt’s mission is to bring simple, eco-friendly, life-changing and enhancing technologies like water filters and solar lamps to remote areas (the last mile) and urban centers.

Together, we donated Nazava water filters, which are among the most innovative water filters available. They trap microorganisms, bacteria, cyst, parasites, fungi and other particles in water collected from the tap, well, river or rain.

Visit http://www.social-impakt.com for more information about the organization’s efforts.

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