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Oil & Gas

The world’s leading oil and gas companies rely on Flowserve for the industry’s most complete flow control portfolio.



Flowserve meets the challenges of chemical processing with the safest and most cost-effective solutions available.



Our powerful solutions not only get you up and running, they keep you that way.



If major urban projects and some of the world’s largest environmental restorations can depend on Flowserve, so can you.


General Industry

Our solutions can handle the toughest and most stringent demands of your industry.


Events & Trade Shows

October 20 - October 24,

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Online Tools

ADS - Automated Drawing System

ADS is an online utility that can be used to submit drawing request for the FCO product line. Enter the design specifications, select the desired output format like PDF, DXF or 3D format, and… MORE

Affinity Pump Selection Tool

Affinity is a state-of-the-art, web-based pump selection program that provides immediate, real-time access to the latest, most accurate data about Flowserve pumps. Use it to size a pump for a new… MORE

Investor relations

Find the latest Flowserve Corporation financial and investor information.

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Become a part of a team known for its industry-leading talent, unparalleled portfolio and unmatched commitment to customer success.

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