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North America Learning Resource Center

William Langehennig headshot

William Langehennig - Training Specialist
William Langehennig has been with Flowserve for more than 10 years and is currently a training instructor and customer training manager. In his role, he assists customers in selecting training to fit the attendees’ needs and manages the facilitation and execution of the training. Besides managing the training department, William is one of the training instructors, specializing in maintenance and operations training.

He has been in the petrochemical industry for more than 20 years, working in both end-user plants as well as repair facilities. He built his knowledge base from hands-on learning specializing in repair, maintenance and operations of centrifugal pumps and seals.

Dean Richardson headshot

Dean Richardson - Training Specialist
Dean Richardson joined Flowserve in 2010 as a senior sales engineer after serving as an equipment reliability specialist at a petrochemical refinery in Texas. In 2018, he joined Flowserve Educational Services as a training specialist, allowing him to share his 40+ years of knowledge and experience with both internal and external customers to enhance their overall learning experience.

He began his career in the operation, troubleshooting and repair of all types of plant equipment at a small machine shop in Port Arthur, Texas. In 1980, he entered a machinist apprenticeship at a major petrochemical refinery and later joined the Rotating Equipment Reliability group as a vibration analyst, becoming certified as a Category II Vibration Analyst. In 2012, he became certified by the Vibration Institute as a Category III Vibration Analyst.

His professional experience has included roles as: machine shop supervisor; major turbomachinery repair; balancing specialist; assistant superintendent of field services; vibration technician trainer; and equipment reliability specialist.

Roy Smith headshot

Roy Smith - Training Specialist & Global Decoking Training Program Manager
Roy Smith joined Flowserve (Pacific Pumps) in 1976. During his career at Flowserve, he has held roles in sales, engineering, service center management and as a senior decoking specialist. In his current position as instructor at the Learning Resource Center in Dallas, he teaches classes on root cause analysis, pump systems analysis and centrifugal pump fundamentals, and is the global decoking training program manager for training Flowserve sales team members, mechanics and field service technicians as well as customers.

Prior to joining Flowserve, he was a design engineer in the aerospace industry, a U.S. Naval officer and a researcher at Texas A&M University. Roy also has had experience as an operations manager of a peristaltic pump company and as an engineer at Bechtel on a major expansion project.

His years of experience in sales, service and production, both within Flowserve and outside of it, allow him to enhance the learning experiences for Flowserve employees and customers.

Tommy Smith headshot

Tommy Smith — Senior Training Specialist
Tommy Smith has been with Flowserve since 2014. He is responsible for training staff and other licensed personnel on the technical operation of pumps and mechanical seals at the Learning Resource Center in Dallas and at customer sites.

Tommy began his career in the U.S. Navy in 1992, where he served as a gas turbine systems technician (mechanical). His primary focus in this role was the maintenance and repair of turbine engines and all their support equipment. Tommy was also an oil lab supervisor, responsible for the ship’s fuel and oil quality control program. Additionally, he worked on the Navy’s Landing Air Cushion Craft (hovercraft), where he was responsible for its turbine engines and hydraulic systems.

Upon his retirement from the Navy in 2012, Tommy worked for BHI Energy as a valve technician at nuclear power plants during planned outages.

David Langehennig headshot

David Langehennig — North America Training Manager
David Langenhennig joined Flowserve in 2008 and has spent the last 11 years in Educational Services. He currently manages the Certified Repair Technician (CRT) Program in North America. The training courses David teaches include Pump Engineering; Pump and Seal Principles; and Operations, Maintenance and Repair of all centrifugal pump classifications.

Prior to joining Flowserve, he spent 43 years in the petrochemical industry.


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