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Fidel Vargas headshot

Fidel Vargas — Latin America Regional Training Manager
Fidel Vargas joined Flowserve in 1998. Since 2005, he has been delivering training to employees and customers. During his tenure at Flowserve, he has received practical and theoretical training in twin-screw pumps and multiphase pumps; twin-screw pump repair; and vertical pumps.

Prior to Flowserve, Fidel worked within Maraven Refinery (now named PDVSA) for 15 years as a rotating equipment supervisor, where he conducted predictive maintenance practices and recommendations for rotating refinery equipment. His training background includes vibration analysis, IRD mech-analysis, mechanical seals technology and couplings.

Fidel has been a superior technician in mechanical maintenance since 1981, and has extensive technical knowledge of refineries, including vibration analysis, root-cause analysis (RCA), trainer formation, troubleshooting on rotating machinery and more.


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