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Flowserve Academy

Flowserve customers have access to a wide range of industry expertise, including best practices, product knowledge and digital solutions – all from a single mobile application, Flowserve Academy.

Our mobile app is designed to optimize user experience, convenience and accessibility.

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Access four digital educational training tools, all from one mobile app

Flowserve Academy centralizes four important digital tools for customers seeking educational services, essential mechanical seal piping plans and failure analysis, and virtual pump training.


Educational services catalog

Flowserve’s innovative educational programs help plant operators, reliability engineers, and maintenance personnel deepen their understanding of pumping systems and become well-versed on pump types and seal systems. Our educational services digital catalog offers an intuitive interface that simplifies finding the right course to increase knowledge of flow-control best practices, enhance operational efficiencies, and stay abreast of safety best practices. Students from across the world can select virtual courses as well as on-site, local training for their specific field and industrial application.

Mechanical seal piping plans

Flowserve recognizes one of the most effective ways to achieve long, uninterrupted mechanical seal life is to create a healthy environment around the seal faces. Piping plans help keep mechanical seals running cool and clean, promote safe handling of dangerous fluids, and extend the operational availability of rotating equipment. This technology provides a concise summary of the most essential piping plans used successfully in today’s process plants. Each plan shows all the standard and optional auxiliary components referenced in ISO 21049/API Standard 682 and recommended by Flowserve.

Mechanical Seal Failure Analysis app

Flowserve Seal Failure Analysis is a web-based tool designed to visually identify and prevent mechanical seal failures. Accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, this easy-to-use reference tool is an invaluable resource to maintenance technicians, maintenance supervisors, and reliability engineers tasked with troubleshooting seal failures, maintaining equipment, and maximizing uptime.

Cyberlab pump simulator

Cyberlab, Flowserve’s pump simulator, brings the reality of pumps, seals and systems to the classroom. Students learn safe equipment startup procedures, how failures can occur, Affinity laws, how pump operations affect seal temperature, effects of seal piping plans, and more. Cyberlab provides data collected from real pumps. The simulator illustrates changes in operating parameters that affect pump performance and explores limits with no risk to personnel or equipment. Students get virtual “hands-on” experience to more equipment than we could ever pack into a classroom.




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