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Service Capabilities

To keep your operation moving, you must maximize equipment efficiency and performance, reduce lifecycle costs, and minimize risk. How do you do it? With engineering expertise, innovative technology and experienced field support.

You can proactively identify and address equipment issues to improve plant performance — at one facility or in multiple plants around the world with one or multiple services capabilities.

Identify those services that might be helpful for your operation.


Looking to send out critical equipment for repairs?

Looking for quality replacement parts?

Need to find out why specific equipment regularly experiences downtime?

Need to install new equipment?

Need on-site repair or preventive maintenance help?

Need help engineering seal systems to support your mechanical seals?


Want to learn about our Latin America instructors?

Want to learn from the industry leader?

Need to upgrade your older equipment?

Curious what sets our North America instructors apart?

Ready to meet our Asia Pacific training team?

Ready for plant-wide lifecycle improvements?

Need to develop proficiency or earn educational credits?

Looking to get the most out of your seals, pumps and other systems?

Looking for comprehensive training programs?

Interested in our European training specialists?

Need a customized training curriculum?


Want complete visibility into your equipment performance?

Do you want to know when your critical assets will fail?

Implement a service level agreement to drive reliability, safety, environmental and inventory efficiencies across your organization.

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