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Performance Monitoring Services

Take advantage of the world’s largest network of company-owned service and parts manufacturing centers. Flowserve experts can be called upon when needed, and we can be there quickly. We not only know how to help you spot trouble; we can be there to help you fix it. You can access our services at any level, from individual solutions to comprehensive consulting and longer-term service contracts.

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Asset Condition and Performance Monitoring

To reduce costs and maximize performance, you want your operations up and running with minimal disruption. And while Flowserve is there when you need a fast and efficient repair, we strive to prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur. Our wireless systems and software detect even the smallest of changes in operating conditions which may be early indicators of failure.

At Flowserve, we are committed to developing information technology platforms, sensor-based solutions and technical resources to streamline the collection, storage, interpretation and use of essential plant and equipment data. Flowserve is truly unique in that we are not only a supplier of pump and valve OEM equipment, critical system components like seals and seal systems, and wireless infrastructure to gather and diagnose critical operating conditions, but we also maintain a broad global manufacturing and service center network to help our customers take action.

Flowserve experts utilize your existing data systems and proprietary software to collect data in a comprehensive view, and then organize actionable information using easy-to-understand graphical interfaces. While valuable on its own, this data provides significant business impacts once our experts turn it into insights you can use to proactively prevent failures and disruptions.

Asset Optimization

A partnership with a manufacturer should go beyond the equipment it sells. Flowserve has developed the human resources, technology platforms and business alliances to help you gain more from your plant operations.

We not only help our customers “detect and diagnose,” but also “fix and optimize.” We have deep domain knowledge built over 200 years as a major equipment supplier to the industry. We know in detail how to optimize the performance of flow equipment, and ensure it is operating safely, reliably and at peak performance.

With a holistic view of operations bolstered by lifecycle cost analyses, Flowserve can provide customers with a variety of asset management and streamlining solutions — from industry benchmarking to customized asset optimization — that address some of the industry’s toughest issues. These are backed by our unparalleled industry expertise and technical infrastructure that is uniquely developed to the requirements of flow management equipment and systems operation.

Partner with us to manage and optimize your assets to gain efficiencies and lower costs.

Enhanced CDPM

The Flowserve Condition Data Point Monitoring program expands data point collection from typical vibration analysis to include other factors that can lead to premature failure. All data collected can be analyzed and trended using the best technology available. Changes in trends indicate possible failure or a situation that, if not corrected, could lead to failure and expensive downtime.

What’s NEW is that we can enable “enhanced” CDPM with the use of wireless and mobile devices, providing customers with improved productivity, enhanced data collection and significant cost savings.