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Overcoming Valve Failure In Molecular Sieve Service - Technical Article

Molecular sieve units are often referred to as dryers, adsorption trains or dehydration units. Among the most essential equipment used in these units are the multiple sets of switching or frequent cycling valves. The selection of this type/design of valve is critical for product purity requirements and optimized unit operation. Valbart RSBV rising stem ball valves maximize revenue by increasing unit uptime.

On the Asymptotic Solution of the Poisson Equation, Describing the Two-Dimensional Incompressible Inviscid Flow in a Rotating Centrifugal Impeller

A calculation of the flow of an incompressible inviscid fluid in a rotating centrifugal impeller is presented. This calculation is based on an asymptotic solution of the Poisson equation in a coordinate system related to logarithmic spiral blades. It consists of the construction of the zero'th order approximation valid in a region well away from the blade tips. By F.C. Visser. Reprinted from ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 21 April 1999.

Electric Actuation

We lead the valve automation industry with innovative products and state-of-the-art solutions. They are available for both multi-turn and quarter-turn operation in the most demanding environmental conditions, with non-intrusive designs offering a full complement of network controls and options, or basic intrusive actuation for simplified control applications.

Oil Well Discovers Smart Technology

Alpine Valve & Control Systems and Unocal Alaska collaborated with Flowserve Flow Control, a supplier of fluid motion and control products, to design and implement an innovative solution to fix production problems on Unocal's Monopod offshore platform. The engineers involved in the project used Flowserve's StarPac intelligent control valve to stabilize well performance and improve production, increasing revenues at a price advantage over conventional valve technology.