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Anchor/Darling Vacuum Breaker Valves - White Paper

Certain accident scenarios in boiling water reactors result in suction of reactor coolant into the suppression pool. Flowserve-Anchor/Darling vacuum breaker valves are designed to relieve vacuum between the reactor and suppression pool water.

Tandem Seals for Near Zero Hydrocarbon Emissions

This paper demonstrates that tandem mechanical seals provide an effective alternative to double seals and sealless pumps in the drive to achieve near zero emission rates for pumps handling light hydrocarbons. By William E. Key, George Wang, and Kenneth E. Lavelle. Reprinted from Proceedings of the Eighth International Pump Users Symposium, 1991.


Flowserve focuses primarily on the goals of long-term reliability, safety, and minimal maintenance. Accessories for mechanical seals and associated equipment help customers achieve these objectives. Cyclone separators and magnetic separators, when added to a piping plan, remove entrained particulate from the coolant stream, thus protecting seals and other system components.

SLC Seal Brochure

Single cartridge, heavy-duty slurry seal designed to operate in harsh slurry

RIS Seal Brochure

A unique non-clogging design that does not utilize springs or bellows