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Theoretical analysis of inertially irrotational and solenoidal flow in two-dimensional radial-flow pump and turbine impellers with equiangular blades

Using the theory of functions of a complex variable, in particular the method of conformal mapping, the irrotational and solenoidal flow in two-dimensional radialflow pump and turbine impellers fitted with equiangular blades is analysed. Solutions are used to derive analytical expressions for a number of parameters which are important for practical design of radial turbomachinery, and which reflect the two-dimensional nature of the flow field. By F. C. Visser, J. J. H. Brouwers, and R. Badie. Reprinted from Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 269, 25 June 1994, pp. 107-141.

The Stored Energy Actuator Development and Qualification

This paper describes the development of the Type A Stored Energy Actuator, a line of actuators for a broad range of globe and gate valves for critical service applications in nuclear power plant feedwater and steam systems.

Anchor/Darling Tilting Disc Check Valves - Technical Article

Tilting-Disc check (TDC) valves are designed for use in applications where rapid response (fast opening or closing) is required. The center of gravity of the Anchor/Darling TDC disc is very close to the axis of rotation thus, the disc can open or close very quickly without damage to the body, disc or seat. Since the valve closes quickly upon flow reversal, no significant fluid velocity is developed in the reverse direction, thereby minimizing the potential for severe waterhammer.