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Lined Plug Valves - T4E

Durco T4E valves provide maximum corrosion resistance while eliminating product contamination at a reasonable cost. They are available with pneumatic or electric actuators for on-off or modulating control applications.

Durco® G4 Sleeveline® Valves for HF Alkylation Service - Brochure

Flowserve has provided thousands of Durco G4 Sleeveline HF Alkylation quarter-turn plug valves to refineries throughout the world. They can be used with confidence in applications where drop-tight shutoff and emissions containment are unconditional requirements to ensure safety. Proven models include: Durco G4BZ-HF Marathon valves, EG4Z-HF V-port control valves, FRG4BCZ-HF full round port valves, and G4BZ-HFT Try-Cock valves.

Atomac & Durco Fully Lined Process Valves and Accessories Brochure

Atomac Lined Ball Valves, Lined Swing Check Valves, Sight Glasses and Strainer; Durco Lined Butterfly Valves. Products include: AKH2, AKH2.2, AKH3, AKH2A, AKH5, AKH6, AKH7, AMP3, AtoStar, AKH2-300, AtoPro, ARK2, ARV2, ARL, ARV/SG, ASG, ASG3, ASG4, ASF, BTV, BTV 2000 LP, and T4E.


Global demand for petrochemicals continues to accelerate, driven by the increasing consumption of polymers, plastics and derivative chemicals. And the petrochemical market is showing no signs of a slowdown.