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SEB Solids Excluder Bushing (Standard and Compact) Brochure

Used with a Flowserve mechanical seal, the SEB solids excluder bushing reduces the amount of flush required and clears solids from the stuffing box. This provide the seal with a cleaner operating environment that reduces operating costs and improves mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM).

SLD (Synthetic Lubrication Device) Brochure

Used in conjuction with a Flowserve Mechanical seal fitted with QCD, the SLD helps protect the seal faces in dry running slurry applications to improve the equipment's MTBPM

How To Increase Revenue in Gas-Lift Applications

Today’s industry needs to use every available means to increase productivity and decrease costs. For gas lift processes, a tool for accomplishing that goal is to use an integrated flow control system. Flowserve Valtek flow control systems can help increase productivity and decrease costs in gas lift processes. By Brent T. Stewart and Bradford Haines. Reprinted from Valve Magazine, Winter 2010.

Seal Support Systems

Flowserve provides seal support systems used to create a favorable environment around the mechanical seal. The appropriate selection of a seal support system will deliver years of reliable service and operating cost savings. Our extensive range of seal support systems include reservoirs, barrier systems, piston transmitters, gas panels, seal coolers, circulators and fill carts.