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The Flowserve Ampliflow T-Boost seal gas booster

Compressor Seals and Systems — Ampliflow T-Boost Seal Gas Booster

BRAND: Flowserve

The Flowserve Ampliflow T-Boost seal gas booster is an electrically driven booster that improves operational efficiency by continuously delivering clean seal gas during periods of low differential pressure. The booster combines an innovative drive system with an intelligent motor control to achieve higher energy efficiency and a mean time between repair (MTBR) of 24,000 operating hours.


  • Oil & Gas

industry sectors

  • Midstream Transportation
  • Downstream Processing

ATEX, NACE and other certifications upon request

Design Range
  • Up to 350 bar @ -20°C to 180°C (-4°F to 356°F)
  • Dimensions: 545 x 1222 mm (21 x 48 in)
  • Gas media: H2 to CO2
  • Electrical driver: Variable frequency drive
  • Power: 5.5 to 12 kW
Features & Benefits
  • Provides clean seal gas during periods of low available differential pressure to allow unlimited pressurized standstill protection of the dry gas seal, improving compressor uptime
  • Higher energy efficiency eliminates eddy current losses and reduces operational costs.
  • Hermetically safe design assures zero leakage of gas through boundaries.
  • High-pressure containment shell around the magnetic coupling withstands all pressure conditions, including MAWP.
  • No wearing parts reduces maintenance requirements compared to competitive designs and helps to achieve MTBR of 24,000 operating hours.
  • Easy to set up and connect to existing dry gas seal support systems
  • Retrofit/upgrade option with pneumatic-driven piston boosters to extend reliability and operating window


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