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Flowserve Nuclear Pumps - CA

Nuclear Pumps - CA

BRAND: Flowserve

The CA pump is designed specifically for nuclear safety injection service. This radially split, between-bearing, multistage design complies with ASME Section III, Class 2 and 3.


  • Power

industry sectors

  • Nuclear

ASME III, Class 2 and 3 

Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 5250 m3/h (23 000 gpm)
  • Discharge pressures to 450 bar (6500 psi)
  • Temperatures to 250°C (480°F)
  • Speeds to 6000 rpm
Design Range

Size Range: 3" to 8" discharge

Features & Benefits
  • Precision Cast Diffusers minimize bearing spans, thereby increasing pump reliability and efficiency.
  • Suction and Discharge Connections can be located on the top or the bottom of the barrel and may be supplied with flanged or weld end design to suit installation requirements.
  • Forged and Hardened Stainless Steel Balance Drum is generously sized to completely unload the thrust bearing at all operating points
  • Self-Aligning, Double-Acting Tilt-Pad Thrust Bearings are conservatively rated to carry axial loads that may be encountered during transient operating conditions.
  • Precision Cast Tandem Impellers are positively locked and keyed to the shaft.
  • Serrated Impeller Running Fits reduce the effects of rotor contact during system upsets or turning gear operation.

Horizontal multistage, barrel, radial split


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