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FlowserveSIHILiquid Ring Vacuum Pumps - LEH

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps - LEH


Liquid ring vacuum pumps of the series LEH are single-stage displacement pumps and have a simple but robust construction.


  • General Industry
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas

industry sectors

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Other Industries
  • Basic (Organic & Inorganic)
  • Specialty (Fine & Consumer)
  • Biofuels
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Midstream Transportation
  • Downstream Processing
  • ATEX 2014/34/EG
  • NACE MR0175 / MR0103
  • NDT acc. ASME
Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 5150 m³/h (3030 CFM) 
  • Suction pressures to 33 mbara (0.5 psia)
  • Temperatures to 100°C (212 °F)
  • Service liquid max. admissible temperature 60°C (140 °F)
Design Range

Size Range: From DN125 (5 in) to DN250 (10 in)

Features & Benefits
  • Non-polluting due to nearly isothermal compression
  • Oil-free, as no lubrication is in the working chamber
  • Handling of nearly all gases and vapours
  • Small quantities of entrained liquid can be handled
  • Easy maintenance and reliable operation
  • Low noise and nearly free from vibration
  • Wide choice of material, therefore applicable nearly everywhere
  • Internal service liquid return; adjustable from the outside
  • Protection against cavitation as standard
  • Incorporated dirt drain
  • Incorporated central drain
  • No metallic contact of the rotating parts


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