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Industrial Process and Chemical Pumps - PC-X


The SIHI PC-X pump is an innovative product that can be used in two types of LPG car filling station designs: above-ground tanks equipped with flooded suction and underground tanks equipped with suction lift operation. It can be adapted to handle two nozzles from one pump. The PC-X has an integrated intelligent electronic board that enables it to operate as a side-channel blower during the priming stage, thus avoiding the use of a complex degassing system and reducing energy costs by reducing the number of restarts. Due to its design, the PC-X can easily replace existing pumps without complex modifications to the actual installation.


  • General Industry

industry sectors

  • Other Industries
Operating Parameters

•    Volume flow: up to 120 l/min
•    Differential pressure: up to 10 bar
•    Speed: max. 3,400 rpm 
•    Temperature: -30°C to +50°C Max
•    Shaft seals: seal-less

Design Range

Size Range: 1 Size / 2 stages

Features & Benefits

LPG car filling stations have different configurations depending on location (countries) and local regulations. These pumps are used all over the world for above-ground tanks as well as underground tanks applications to: reduce complexity of installations; replace current solutions without needing complex modifications; lower cost of ownership; and meet the highest safety standards (ATEX and IEC-Ex certified) and reduce risk of leakage and minimize fugitive emissions.


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