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FlowserveSIHIIndustrial Process and Chemical Pumps - AEH

Industrial Process and Chemical Pumps - AEH


Pumps of the series AEH-X/AEH according to EN 734 have a segmental type construction with open vane wheel impellers. This pump is available in a normal industrial design with one liquid surrounded slide bearing and one ball bearing, or in a heavy-duty construction with a double ball bearing design.


  • Chemical
  • Water

industry sectors

  • Basic
  • Specialty
  • Water

EN 734

Operating Parameters
  • Flow rate: up to 35 m³/h
  • Head: up to 354 m
  • Speed: max. 1800 rpm
  • Temperature: max. 180 °C
  • Casing pressure: up to 40 bar
  • Shaft seals: gland packing, mechanical seal, magnetic drive
  • Materials: grey cast iron, nodular iron, stainless steel
Design Range

Size Range: 6 Sizes / up to 8 stages

Features & Benefits
  • Especially developed for difficult applications in all industry sectors and are thus applied when pure, turbid or aggressive media have to be pumped under difficult conditions without any problems
  • Different material possibilities with uniform dimensions and performance characteristics, as well as the standard exchangeable components, make the AEH-X/AEH particularly recommendable as a universal pump for all possible pumping problems
  • Wide application range in many sectors such as the chemical , petrochemical, pharmaceutical, OEM, oil, and food industries


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