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Flowserve-Worthington-Industrial Process Pumps - FRBH

Industrial Process Pumps - FRBH

BRAND: Worthington

The Flowserve FRBH pump, specifically designed for the pulp and paper industry, is a single stage, radially split, end suction centrifugal pump with a semi-open overhung impeller.


  • General Industry
  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Power

industry sectors

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Steel & Primary Metals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Corn Wet Milling & Ethanol
  • Other Industries
  • Biofuels
  • Water
  • Waste Water
  • Agriculture
  • Water Management
  • Combined Cycle

Flowserve Hydraulic Institute

Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 9085 m3/h (40 000 gpm)
  • Heads to 100 m (325 ft)
  • Pressures to 14 bar (200 psi)
  • Temperatures to 150°C (300°F)
Design Range

Size Range: Sizes from 50 mm (2 in) to 200 mm (8 in)

Features & Benefits
  • Self-Venting, Top Centerline Discharge Casing with unobstructed suction prevents trapped air to maintain efficiency and flow Keyed Semi-Open, Full Vane Impeller prevents clogging in thick, pulpy applications and is less sensitive to end clearance adjustment
  • Recessed impeller available for low-shear applications
  • Three-Point End-Clearance Adjustment resets impeller clearance to restore performance and efficiency
  • Extra Heavy-Duty, Alloy Steel Shaft minimizes problems associated with overhang, deflection and vibration
  • Stainless steel available.Contoured Wearplate at the impeller suction side protects casing and prolongs pump efficiency
  • “Dry-shaft” Construction, using sealed impeller nut and key driven stainless steel hook sleeve, eliminates shaft corrosion
  • Optional Large Conical Seal Housing allows the seal to be installed in the liquid directly behind the impeller, eliminating the need for a separate seal water flushing source
  • Optional Flow Inducer significantly improves suction performance by reducing pump NPSHR
  • Optional Expeller forces fluid from the seal chamber, minimizing shaft wear
  • Positioned behind the impeller, the expeller eliminates the need for costly flush water and the resulting product dilution

Recessed Impeller

Expeller Option

Dry pit vertical close coupled


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