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Flowserve-IDP-Horizontal - Multistage - Double Case - CHTA

Horizontal - Multistage - Double Case - CHTA


The CHTA is a high capacity boiler feed pump for supercritical and ultra supercritical power stations. Heavy-Duty, Between Bearing, Multistage, Double Case Barrel Pump.


  • Power

industry sectors

  • Nuclear
  • Conventional Steam
  • Flowserve
  • Hydraulic Inst. 
  • ASME Section VIII
Operating Parameters
  • Flows to 4,770 m3/h (21,000 gpm)
  • Heads to 3,658 m (12,000 ft)
  • Pressures to 414 bar (6,000 psi)
  • Temperatures to 232ºC (450ºF)
  • Speeds to 6000RPM
Design Range

Size Range: as required

Features & Benefits
  • Smooth, reliable operation due to precision cast diffusers that are fully shrouded and 100% NDE inspected
  • Longer service life via rugged rotor with in-line impellers, minimized bearing spans and heavy-duty shaft to reduce the effect of rotor contact during upsets
  • Improved durability of critical clearance parts with advanced laser treatments that reduce wear
  • Upset tolerance provided by a compensator gasket group that allows for expansion during thermal transients while also maintaining seal integrity


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