Lubricated Plug Valves - Super-H
Product Brand
Serck Audco™
Lubricated Plug Valves
About this product

The Super-H Lubricated Plug Valve is a rugged, pressure balanced plug valve designed for demanding oil and gas isolation applications where bubble tight shut-off and reliable operation are critically important.

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  • High reliability and certainty of zero leakage sealing down the line achieved by large, metal-to-metal seat mating areas and precise seat mating procedures
  • Increased uptime from pressure-balanced plug design that utilizes pressure to balance the forces acting on the plug and prevent taper locking
  • Lower maintenance costs via in-line maintainable design that allows sealant to be injected with the valve in any position and under pressure
  • Longer service life through seat protection against line media while the valve line is open
  • API 6D
  • API 6A
  • ISO 14313
  • ISO 10423
  • API 599
  • BS 5353

Size Range:

  • DN 15 to 1050
  • NPS ½ to 42

Pressure Class Range:

  • PN 20 to 420
  • Class 150 to 2500
  • API 2000 to 10000

Seating Material: Wide Metal-to-Metal integral with body and plug

Standard configuration

Full Bore
Full round bore for piggable applications

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