Dry Vacuum Pumps - SIHI Boost Chemical PB-Systems
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SIHI Boost - PB-Systems are designed for chemical and pharmaceutical markets where an explosion proof design is required. SIHI Boost is a dry screw vacuum booster, which provides  deep vacuum levels with less power and a smaller footprint. The rotors run five times faster than typical machinery, it is quieter, safer and cleaner. Mechatronically synchronized, contact-free moving parts reduce the need for oil-centric lubrication. In opposite to typically used Roots type booster pumps, SIHI Boost is designed for high discharge pressure which allows direct combination with Liquid Ring Backing pumps, the most robust vacuum pump for harsh process conditions. It is an ideal choice for chemically related processes where there is a high possibility of liquids or solids carry-over. This award winning solution can accommodate corrosive gases and vapors and has superior resistance to heat-accelerated deposition. The basic layout provides the platform for an extensive range of intelligent modules which can be incorporated in order to match dynamic process requirements, simple DCS integration, and remote monitoring. Integrated within the pump is the intelligent drive system that performs ongoing rotor diagnostics, while giving an energy efficient platform for variable speed/pressure control.

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Use of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps as backing pump

  • Trouble free pumping of sensitive media
  • High capacity for hydrogen

High suction capacity even with smaller Backing Pump

  • Lower total power consumption
  • Lower cost for service / maintenance
  • Smaller footprint

Total Oil free operation

  • No process contamination with oil
  • Electronic gear with pre failure indication

Certified according ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
Zone 1 (Cat 2)

North America:
Certified according NEC and CEC
Class 1 Div 2

Ultimate pressure down to < 0.001 mbar ( 0.07 Torr) in  combination with a dry screw backing pump

Size range: Sizes from 3500 m³/h (2100 cfm) up to 8000 m³/h (4800 cfm) suction capacity

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