Decoking System - Decoking Control Valve (DCV)
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The Flowserve Decoking Control Valve (DCV) features a proven, simple design with minimal moving parts to provide cost-effective, trouble-free operation. This single valve controls the flow from the high-energy jet pump and provides three distinct functions: 

  1. Recirculation (bypass) flow control for pump protection
  2. Pre-fill of decoking lines and hoses at a predetermined flow rate to prevent water hammer
  3. Full flow to the decoking tool nozzles. Very low pressure drop (high Kv [Cv]) in full flow for reduced energy consumption

When maintenance is required, the DCV's cartridge design allows for quick change-out without the need to disconnect any flow path flanges. Depending on site set-up, this change can be accomplished in less than one shift, reducing downtime and minimizing maintenance costs.

Flowserve’s decoking system is fully integrated. Watch these videos to see our individual components.

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  • Cavitationless design utilizes stacked orifice plates to gradually drop pressure across the valve without damaging internal components.
  • Single-stem operation protects pump and assures correct flow path.
  • Non-clogging design passes particles up to 3 mm (1⁄8 in).
  • Cartridge design features orifice stacks for ease of maintenance.
  • Simple installation is suitable for direct mounting on the jet pump.
  • Instant return to any operating mode upon command
  • Seatless design available (sliding seal cartridge)
  • Compatible with electric or pneumatic actuators"


  • ASME B16.34


  • Sizes: 6 x 6 x 3 in
  • Flange ratings: Class 1500 or Class 2500

Body Material: carbon steel  standard; optional 316 SS, F6NM, carbon steel body fully lined with 309 SS


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