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Performance Monitoring

The Flowserve IPS suite of products, software and services helps reliability engineers, operators and maintenance personnel not only monitor but also predict equipment and system behavior. Monitoring allows personnel to take prompt actions to prevent unplanned downtime and sharply improve reliability and efficiency. To resolve problems with fast, targeted and efficient maintenance. To keep people and equipment safe. To apply predictive intelligence to prevent problems long before they can affect your operations. To provide the deep understanding and recommend actions that will improve how you run your operations.

Flowserve offers IPS products that continuously collect and/or transmit your specified performance data from any asset: vibration, pressure, temperature, flow rate, even the presence of fluids: the real-time information you need to understand your asset performance and keep your operations up and running.

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Predictive Analytics

Flowserve provides superior failure mode detection, true root cause analysis, and can even predict the remaining service life of your critical assets. Using applied engineering models, machine learning and advanced analytics, you’ll know whether to take action or call in Flowserve experts to assist. You’ll protect critical assets from unplanned failures and take uptime, reliability, efficiency and productivity to new heights.