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Decoking System

Flowserve has been in the vanguard of decoking for delayed coker units since the technology’s inception in 1938. That year, a Flowserve heritage company, Worthington Pumps, designed the first high-pressure coke cutting pumps, decoking control valves and coke cutting tools.

Today, Flowserve continues to be the innovative leader and is the overwhelming supplier of choice for advanced decoking systems. More than 95% of the world’s hydraulic decoking units — over 160 installations globally — have been outfitted with our decoking systems. Process licensors, engineering and construction firms, and DCU operators alike turn to us for proven applications expertise and problem-solving capabilities.

Flowserve has transformed hydraulic decoking into an increasingly reliable, efficient and automated process. Whether new equipment or system upgrades, we continue to advance decoking technologies to maximize unit reliability, minimize unit maintenance costs and realize fail-proof unit safety. Drum monitoring and the AutoShift cutting tool, along with significant advancements in associated equipment design, now make remote operation possible. And, the addition of modern instrumentation, controls and software enable system automation that results in reduced cutting times with greater throughput, maximum reliability and lowest total cost of ownership.

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Hydraulic Decoking Systems

Whether for new equipment, system upgrades or replacement parts, Flowserve provides and supports a complete and proven decoking system.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems

Hydraulic Decoking Systems