Niigata Worthington™

Niigata Worthington was established in 1953 as a joint venture between Worthington Corporation (U.S.) and Niigata Tekko (Japan). Since that time, the brand has been engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of pumps, compressors and steam turbines for the refining, petrochemical, power, steel, shipbuilding, utilities and many other general industries in Japan.

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High-performance rotating equipment

In 1954, Niigata Worthington developed and launched the first high-speed (greater than 3,600 rpm), high-temperature and high-pressure process pump in Japan. The company went on to engineer new types of API process pumps in the early 1970s, followed by the launch of the world’s largest septuplex plunger pumps in 1985. Barrel-style (BP) pumps were introduced in 1991, and multistage ring-section pumps followed in 1997.


Niigata Worthington became a Japanese subsidiary of Flowserve in 2008.

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