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NAF has more than a century of experience with the pulp and paper industry, and was one of the earliest companies to serve the sector with high-quality valves. The brand’s history dates to 1899, when Svensk Armatur AB was founded in Stockholm.

Originally a wholesaler of metal castings and valves, NAF began manufacturing valves for the pulp and paper industry in 1904 and created the world’s first ball valve in 1933. Throughout its history, the brand has continued constant development in close cooperation with the industry, maintaining an ongoing reputation as a market pioneer.

NAF was acquired by Flowserve Corporation in 2002.

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Unmatched versatility for pulp and paper applications

A veteran of the pulp and paper industry, NAF has a global reputation for reliable, high-availability rotary valves. Users value the low operational cost, minimal downtime, and versatility in all rotary applications that NAF products deliver.

In addition to special solutions for pulp and paper, NAF manufactures an optimized capping valve designed specifically for filling batch digesters with wood chips, utilizing two actuators for opening and closing.

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