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Product Category: Actuation & Instrumentation

Product Type: Positioners

Product Subtype: Analog Positioners
Analog Positioners - Apex 4000

A compact, reliable, lightweight and cost-efficient positioner, the Apex 4000 is suitable for all rotary or linear valves, single- and double-acting.

Brand: Flowserve

Analog Positioners - Apex 7000

The Apex 7000 Series provides accurate valve positioning with advanced features. Usable with 3–15 psi pneumatic control signals, or optional current-to-pressure transducer for 4-20 mA signal input.

Brand: Flowserve

Analog Positioners - NT 3000

The Valtek NT 3000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducer is an active I/P Transducer that is used with a milliamp electricl control signal. It is interchangeable with the XL Series or Beta Series Pneumatic Positioners and can be mounted on either Valtek Linear or Valtek Rotary Actuators without modification.

Brand: Valtek

Analog Positioners - PMV P5/EP5

The PMV P5 and EP5 positioners are fast and accurate. They available in pneumatic (P5) or electropneumatic (EP5) configurations. Choose from explosion-proof (EP5-EX), fail freeze (EP5-FS) and intrinsically safe (EP5-IS) options.

Brand: PMV

Analog Positioners - PMV PT700

The PT700 pressure transducer is for 4-20 mA input signals with a high output up to 4 bar. It is capable of monitoring valve actions via pressure sensors and ideal for spring-return actuators.

Brand: PMV

Analog Positioners - Valtek Beta

The Valtek Beta Positioner is a robust analog positioner platform used for control of single or double acting actuators.

Brand: Valtek

Analog Positioners - Valtek XL-XL90

The Valtek XL / XL90 Positioners make a robust high-performance analog positioner platform for control of single- or double-acting actuators.

Brand: Valtek