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Product Category: Actuation & Instrumentation

Product Type: Electric Actuation

Product Subtype: Intrusive Quarter-Turn Actuators
Intrusive Quarter-Turn Actuators - LTQ

The Limitorque LTQ compact, quarter-turn electric actuator delivers superior reliability and performance through its industry-proven epicyclic locking gear set design. It is ideal for applications that require a simplistic, non-networked and cost-effective quarter-turn actuator that has analog controls, torque switches, limit switches, and discrete position feedback capabilities. The limit and torque switches, standard controls and a wide range of output offerings allow a higher degree of customization that can meet exacting customer needs.

Brand: Limitorque

Intrusive Quarter-Turn Actuators - Series 72 Electri-Safe

The Worcester 72 Series Electri-Safe electric actuator from Flowserve is a powerful, compact and economical means of actuating valves with spring return/fail safe capability to meet system safety requirements.

Brand: Worcester