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Product Category: Actuation & Instrumentation

Product Type: Electric Actuation

Product Subtype: Network Controls
Network Controls - DeviceNet™

DeviceNet™ uses CAN (Controller Area Network) for its data link layer and CIP™ (Common Industrial Protocol) for the upperlayers of the network. DeviceNet supports multiple communication hierarchies and message prioritization, and can be configured to operate in a master-slave or a distributed control architecture using peer-to-peer communication to perform actuator process control and feedback data retrieval.

Brand: Limitorque

Network Controls - Foundation Fieldbus H1 with DTM

Limitorque actuators with Foundation Fieldbus can act as a link active scheduler and time master for regulating communication on a fieldbus segment. The Fieldbus Foundation has tested and registered the Limitorque Device Description (DD) files to ensure interoperability with registered devices from multiple vendors. In addition, The FDT Group has certified the DTM (Device Type Manager) for use with both standalone and non-standalone frames.

Brand: Limitorque

Network Controls - HART with DTM

HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a digital communication protocol that is based upon the Bell 202 telephone communication standard. By using FSK (frequency shift keying) to superimpose low level digital signals on top of an analog 4-20 mA signal, two simultaneous communications channels exist. The 4-20 mA signal communicates the primary measured value, and the digital signal communicates additional device information to the plant control system.

Brand: Limitorque

Network Controls - Profibus DP V1 with DTM

Limitorque actuators offer both variations of PROFIBUS in use today: PROFIBUS DP™ (Decentralized Peripherals) and PROFIBUS PA™ (Process Automation). PROFIBUS DP is used to operate sensors and actuators via a centralized controller in production (factory) automation applications.

Brand: Limitorque

Network Controls - Profibus PA

PROFIBUS PA is used to monitor and control equipment in process automation applications. PROFIBUS PA uses the same protocol as PROFIBUS DP, and can be linked to a PROFIBUS DP network using a coupler device.

Brand: Limitorque

Network Controls — Limitorque® Master Station III

The Flowserve Limitorque Master Station III is a Modbus master station designed to interface between the field unit (actuator) and the user's DCS or PLC. It can be used in all global industrial markets.


NOTE: Master Station III has been discontinued. It has been replaced by Master Station IV

Brand: Limitorque

Network Controls — Limitorque® Master Station IV

The Flowserve Limitorque® Master Station IV is a Modbus master station designed to interface between the field unit (actuator) and a user's DCS or PLC. It can help minimize integration efforts and save users time and money during startup and commissioning while helping maintain asset integrity. It can be used in all global industrial markets.

Brand: Limitorque


Compatible with Limitorque non-intrusive MX multi-turn and QX quarter-turn actuators, the Profibus DP with Redcom network protocol complies with the Profibus specification 2.212_V and allows connection with a single or dual redundant channel networks (optional). The new and improved DTM (Device Type Manager) greatly reduces the time required for configuring and acquiring pertinent diagnostic information.

Brand: Limitorque