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Product Category: Valves

Product Type: Rotary Control Valves
Eccentric Plug - MaxFlo 4

The Valtek MaxFlo 4 eccentric rotary plug control valve is for applications demanding higher rangeability, precise control and higher flow capacity.

Brand: Valtek

Full Port Ball Valves - CPT

The CPT Floating Control Ball Valve is a compact rotary control valve in three-piece and flanged design that offers bubble-tight shutoff and throttling control.

Brand: Worcester

Full Port Ball Valves - TMCBV

Valbart designed the Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valve (TMCBV) to operate at high pressures while minimizing the torque needed to operate the valve. The spring-loaded, process energized seats offer tight (Class IV and Class V) shutoff at any pressure. In most cases, the TMCBV's capacity is greater than that of a comparable globe valve. This allows the customer to use a smaller, lighter valve and experience cascading savings. This valve also requires a smaller, less expensive actuator and less expensive pipe supports.

Brand: Valbart

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves - Valdisk

The Valtek Valdisk™ is a double offset butterfly valve used whenever high capacity is needed with the lowest possible pressure loss.

Brand: Valtek

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves - Valdisk BX

The Valtek Valdisk™ BX is a double offset butterfly control valve designed to meet the most routine and the most rigid service requirements.

Brand: Valtek

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves - Valdisk TX3

The Valtek Valdisk TX3 is a triple offset butterfly control valve with an elliptical sealing surface that is completely in-contact at the final position only, and upon opening, all contact points are released immediately from the seat ring.

Brand: Valtek

Segmented Ball Valves - Setball

Setball Segmented Ball Valves are cost-competitive general service valves that offer excellent rangeability and high-flow capacity.

Brand: NAF

Segmented Ball Valves - ShearStream HP

The Valtek ShearStream™ is a segmented, ball control valve that provides exceptional control and rangeability for the process industries.

Brand: Valtek