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Product Category: Valves

Product Type: Check Valves
Piston (Lift) Check Valves - 1878

High-performance 1878 piston check valves are designed for low leakage rate testing (LLRT) and are available with EPR/EPDM resilient seated discs.

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling Piston Check Valves are versatile valves designed for low or pulsating flow applications where pressure drop through the valve is not critical.

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Bolted Bonnet

Bolted Bonnet Piston (Lift) Check Valves are durable, small bore check valves, forged and equipped with a bolted cover design to enable easy maintenance.

Brand: Edward

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Flite-Flow

The Flite Flow Piston Check Valve is a rugged, large bore, cast body, piston check valve designed to operate in critical high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Brand: Edward

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Univalve

The Univalve Piston Check Valve is reliably designed for high-temperature and high-pressure uses in a variety of environments.

Brand: Edward

Swing Check Valves - 1878

The 1878 Swing Check Valve is a rugged, specialized swing check valve optimally designed for use in reactor penetration and isolation applications.

Swing Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling Swing Check Valves are all-purpose valves that provide economical reverse flow protection for piping system applications where flow is relatively constant.

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Designed for applications requiring assured operability and controlled closure, the Anchor/Darling Tilting Disk Check Valve also maintains an open disc in the best position to minimize pressure drop.

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Check

The Check Tilting Disk Check Valve is a cost-effective valve with a unique design that provides excellent tightness and minimizes water-hammering.

Brand: NAF

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Edward

The Edward Tilting Disk Check Valve is a large bore valve designed to close as quickly as possible, minimizing loud, damaging slamming and vibration noises caused by high-velocity reverse flow in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. 

Brand: Edward