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Product Category: Valves

Product Type: Ball Valves

Product Subtype: Lined Ball Valves
Lined Ball Valves - AKH2

Designed to reduce energy and pumping costs, the Atomac AKH2 two-piece, full-port design minimizes pressure losses and increases flow capacity.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AKH2.2

The AKH2.2 Lined Full Port Ball Valve is a two-piece lined ball valve which offers high safety factors, high stability, rigidity and eliminates a potential leak path.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AKH2A

The AKH2A is a lined full port ball Valve, short pattern that offers the same benefits as the AKH2 at reduced space and weight. It was designed per ASME B16.5 Class 150 flange dimensions and ASME B16.10 face-to-face dimensions.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AKH3

The AKH3 is an ANSI B16.10 short-pattern, reduced-port, lined ball valve. The floating ball design ensures bubble-tight shutoff.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AKH5

The Atomac AKH5 full-port, ceramic-lined valves are recommended when nothing else will work in applications with abrasive slurries, corrosives and services.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AKH7-KP

The AKH7-KP Lined Ball Valve is engineered exclusively for glass pipe systems. It is available with socket/ball or plane ends according to DIN/ISO 3587 and 4704. For flange/glass end connections, the AKH7-KPF is available.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AKH8

The Atomac AKH8 Lined Ball Valve is a full-port, mono-block ball valve that improves sticky, adhesive and highly viscous fluid applications, particularly in high cycling requirements that can cause deterioration in floating ball design valves.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - AMP3

The compact design of the Atomac AMP3 three-way ball valve permits use in corrosive diverter applications with space constraints.

Brand: Atomac

Lined Ball Valves - Fully-Lined Tank Drain

The Fully-Lined Tank Drain Lined Ball Valve is designed with one oversized flange for tank connections.

Brand: Atomac