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Product Category: Valves
Piston (Lift) Check Valves - 1878

High-performance 1878 piston check valves are designed for low leakage rate testing (LLRT) and are available with EPR/EPDM resilient seated discs.

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling Piston Check Valves are versatile valves designed for low or pulsating flow applications where pressure drop through the valve is not critical.

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Bolted Bonnet

Bolted Bonnet Piston (Lift) Check Valves are durable, small bore check valves, forged and equipped with a bolted cover design to enable easy maintenance.

Brand: Edward

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Flite-Flow

The Flite Flow Piston Check Valve is a rugged, large bore, cast body, piston check valve designed to operate in critical high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Brand: Edward

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Univalve

The Univalve Piston Check Valve is reliably designed for high-temperature and high-pressure uses in a variety of environments.

Brand: Edward

Rising Stem Ball Valve – RSBV

Valbart RSBV Rising Stem Ball Valves are the oil and gas industry’s choice for applications requiring a mechanically energized metal or soft seat to prevent losses from process contamination or material leakage. The are ideal for frequent cycling.

Brand: Valbart

Segmented Ball Valves - ProCap

ProCap Segmented Ball Valves are unique high-tech capping valves designed for automated filling of wood chips for batch digester applications in the pulp industry.

Brand: NAF

Segmented Ball Valves - Setball

Setball Segmented Ball Valves are cost-competitive general service valves that offer excellent rangeability and high-flow capacity.

Brand: NAF

Segmented Ball Valves - ShearStream HP

The Valtek ShearStream™ is a segmented, ball control valve that provides exceptional control and rangeability for the process industries.

Brand: Valtek

Segmented Ball Valves – Setball SF

The NAF Setball SF valve is a cost-competitive, compact, rotary control, V-port ball sector valve that offers excellent rangeability and high-flow capacity. In comparison to the NAF Setball, the Setball SF offers a compact design with a short face-to-face

Brand: NAF

Slab Gate Valves - Valbart TCSGV Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve

The Valbart TCSGV through conduit slab gate valve is the oil and gas industry’s choice for liquid and gas applications requiring reliable, tight shut-off to prevent leakage and minimize losses from process contamination. It is ideal for pipeline applications requiring pigging capability. Its full-bore design features spring-energized seats and a floating slab gate to ensure both low- and high-pressure sealing capabilities. 

Brand: Valbart

Split Wedge Gate Valves - Split Wedge

Split Wedge Gate Valves have a compact design with body guided, two piece gates that provide reliable operation and sealing.

Swing Check Valves - 1878

The 1878 Swing Check Valve is a rugged, specialized swing check valve optimally designed for use in reactor penetration and isolation applications.

Swing Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling Swing Check Valves are all-purpose valves that provide economical reverse flow protection for piping system applications where flow is relatively constant.

T-Pattern Globe Valves - 1878

The 1878 T-Pattern Globe Valve is a rugged, one-piece, low-profile globe valve constructed with investment cast body/yoke assembly using the latest investment casting techniques.

T-Pattern Globe Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling T-Pattern Globe Valves are high-performance, investment cast stop valves designed to minimize destructive turbulence in a variety of demanding throttling applications.

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Designed for applications requiring assured operability and controlled closure, the Anchor/Darling Tilting Disk Check Valve also maintains an open disc in the best position to minimize pressure drop.

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Check

The Check Tilting Disk Check Valve is a cost-effective valve with a unique design that provides excellent tightness and minimizes water-hammering.

Brand: NAF

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Edward

The Edward Tilting Disk Check Valve is a large bore valve designed to close as quickly as possible, minimizing loud, damaging slamming and vibration noises caused by high-velocity reverse flow in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. 

Brand: Edward

Top Entry Ball Valves - McCANNA

The McCANNA Top Entry Ball Valve has the following:

  • Floating or trunnion design for inline maintainability
  • Wedge seat design for less wear and longer life
  • Stem seal design complying to ISO 15848 Fugitive emission requirements
  • Special low-torque cryogenic seat profile

Brand: McCANNA