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Product Category: Valves
Floating Ball Valves - Worcester Three-Piece

Worcester three-piece ball valves are designed for ASME B.16.34, general purpose and specific application requirements. Offered with several seat and seal combinations, they provide customers with reliability and long service life over a broad pressure range.

Brand: Worcester

Full Port Ball Valves - Duball DL

The Duball DL is a high-performance, metal-seated, full-bore ball valve, equally suitable for isolation, on-off and modulating control applications.

Brand: NAF

Full Port Ball Valves - TMCBV

Valbart designed the Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valve (TMCBV) to operate at high pressures while minimizing the torque needed to operate the valve. The spring-loaded, process energized seats offer tight (Class IV and Class V) shutoff at any pressure. In most cases, the TMCBV's capacity is greater than that of a comparable globe valve. This allows the customer to use a smaller, lighter valve and experience cascading savings. This valve also requires a smaller, less expensive actuator and less expensive pipe supports.

Brand: Valbart

Full Port Ball Valves - Trunnball DL

Trunnball DL are full-port process ball valves well suited for the most challenging operating conditions. They are frequently used for isolation or on-off applications but equally suitable for control.

Brand: NAF

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves - Torex

The NAF Torex high-performance, triple-offset, metal- or soft-seated butterfly valve is frequently used for isolation or on-off applications, but is equally suitable for control, especially on high-flow, low-pressure applications.

Brand: NAF

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves - Valdisk

The Valtek Valdisk™ is a double offset butterfly valve used whenever high capacity is needed with the lowest possible pressure loss.

Brand: Valtek

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves - Valtek TX3

The Valtek TX3 butterfly valve offers excellent shutoff capabilities with the low torque and reduced wear benefits of a triple offset design. The precision seat and seal are machined at an offset angle, creating even seat loading around the entire seat ring and eliminating rubbing between the seat and seal during opening and throttling. Combined with its laminated seal ring, the Valtek TX3 valve's triple offset design provides long-lasting, bi-directional, bubble-tight shutoff, even in gas applications.

It's high-performance design offers the following advantages:

Brand: Valtek

High Performance Butterfly Valves - Big Max BX2001

The Durco Big Max BX2001 high-performance, all-purpose valve is designed for precise throttling control or on-off service with lighter weight piping systems and less expensive, energy-efficient actuators.

Brand: Durco

Linear Globe - Compressor Anti-Surge Valve

The Valtek® Compressor Anti-Surge Valve from Flowserve represents a revolutionary solution to anti-surge control by combining precise control and exceptional responsiveness in a simple, reliable package. It protects compressors from catastrophic surge damage by providing exceptional response for driving the valve open when needed and in a steady-state position when in recycle.

Brand: Valtek

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - CleanFlow

In the food and beverage industry as well as in biotechnology, pharmacy and other areas where perfect cleanliness and sterile valves are required, Flowserve has the solution. Our products meet the USDA and 3A requirements and can be supplied for Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP).

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - ColdFlow

By using an extended bonnet, the packing, gaskets and seals of ColdFlow valves are protected from cryogenic temperatures, thus ensuring their sealing properties. Optional special gaskets and packing can be used to operate at temperatures as low as -69 °C. Depending on the application, Flowserve cryogenic valves are available with a top entry design for the easy maintenance of valves located in a cold box or with a simple extended bonnet attached to the valve body.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - DrainFlow

Over the years Flowserve has accumulated vast experience in developing special features on control valves and dedicated products for specific applications. Flowserve’s engineering departments around the world operate as part of a network so the customer can be confident that the solution we provide is the best design with regard to his specific demands. Flowserve’s experience means that we are recognized as one of the leading companies to provide technical solutions for process control for critical applications.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - FlowTop

The FlowTop control valve is a high-performance, general application valve coupled with the high-thrust FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator. The modular design allows you to use the same body with different types of bonnets, trims and actuators. This leads to the reduction of spare parts and offers an interchangeable valve for a broad range of industries and applications.

Brand: Valtek

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - FlowTop GS

The Valtek FlowTop GS control valve (types V746 and V748) improves the reliability and uptime of production processes while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. Designed for general service applications, the FlowTop GS globe valve is a competitively priced, fully integrated valve-actuator-instrumentation package for continuous process flow loop control throughout the plant.

Brand: Valtek

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - HpFlow

High pressure applications up to 60,000 psi or PN 4000 for very special needs. With the unique split body design it is possible to clamp the seat in between the body parts to handle these extreme pressure ratings. In combination with high pressure there is very often the need to handle also high diferential pressure. In this case the HpFlow series offers an axial multi-stage trim design.  

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - LinedFlow

Corrosive fluids, including both gases and liquids, require special attention when it comes to the materials used to build the valve. Flowserve has a wide range of plastic lined valves.

Brand: Kammer

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - Mark 100

The Valtek Mark 100 control valve is designed to meet the needs of large applications. It offers the highest flow capacity, as well as fast, easy maintenance in both gas and liquid control. The Mark 100 also has longer stroke lengths, providing finer control and resulting in superior process control in smaller valve sizes.

Brand: Valtek

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - Mark 200

The Mark 200 is one of the most dynamic Flowserve control valve offerings. Designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of trim options, the Mark 200 provides increased control and protection while significantly reducing noise and cavitation.

Brand: Valtek

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - Mark Eight™

The Valtek Mark Eight control valve features a unique Y-style globe body that provides higher flow capacities and less process turbulence than conventional globe valves.

Brand: Valtek

Linear Globe/Angle Control Valves - Mark One

The Valtek Mark One globe control valve offers superior performance in liquid and gaseous services, while also permitting easy, fast and inexpensive maintenance. The spring-cylinder actuated Mark One valve provides stiffness and maintains high positioning accuracy, repeatability, controlled high speed, and faithful response.

Brand: Valtek