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Product Category: Seals

Product Type: Mechanical Seals
Pusher Seals - RO

A simple, proven and rugged design with dependability that has made it a favorite choice of maintenance personnel to seal ANSI chemical pumps. Heavy cross sections of the rotary components resist high levels of corrosion. Utilizing a simple rugged open rotary unit design, aggressive, abrasive and viscous fluids can be sealed easier than with other ANSI seal types that incorporate shrouded spring rotaries.

Pusher Seals - U/D Series

UC Series seals are balanced pusher seals with a substantial single coil spring that provides exceptional performance in the most demanding services including refineries, pipelines, and petrochemical services. UC seals are fully compliant with API 682, Type A requirements.

D Series seals are based on the UC Series, and add a pumping ring built into the rotating seal face body that establishes an exclusive Plan 23 cooling chamber around the seal faces. D Series seals excel in high temperature boiler feed water and hot hydrocarbon services.

Brand: Flowserve

Slurry Seals - Allpac

Single, dual balanced robust yet simple slurry seal with low operation and maintenance costs.

Slurry Seals - RIS

The RIS seal has a unique, non-clogging design that does not utilize springs or bellows. The innovative design of the adaptive components allows the seal to be installed from the wet-end of the pump and to be adjusted externally. With many pump designs, the seal may be reset automatically during impeller clearance adjustment.

Brand: BW Seals

Slurry Seals - SLC

SLC Series seals are heavy duty single cartridge seals built for the harshest slurry pump services found in mining, mineral and ore processing, and flue gas desulfurization. The SLC Series is designed with a unique non-clogging cone spring that increases seal reliability and enables flushless operation for low operating costs.

Brand: Interseal

Slurry Seals - SLM

The SLM family of self-contained cartridge seals is designed for reliable operation in the majority of slurry services. Engineered to operate with no outside flush liquid to eliminate product dilution, increase plant efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Standard Cartridge Seals - ISC2

The Flowserve ISC2 Series is a complete family of mechanical seals that provide exceptional reliability and standardization over the widest variety of industrial applications and equipment. ISC2 seals meet all major international standards and are designed for hundreds of pump models from global manufacturers. Facilities will immediately benefit from less inventory, greater flexibility, less downtime and longer seal life.

Brand: Flowserve

Standard Cartridge Seals - ISC2-682

The ISC2-682 Series is a family of balanced pusher and metal bellows seals designed to fully comply with the design and qualification requirements of API 682. Platform flexibility allows application in a range of services throughout refineries, petrochemical plants and other industries where the API 682 specification is invoked. ISC2-682 seals are fully compliant with API 682, Type A and Type B requirements.

Brand: Flowserve

Standard Cartridge Seals - ISC2-MW

The ISC2-MW Standard Cartridge Seal is a standard dual pusher seal for mixer service.

Brand: Flowserve