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Product Category: Seals

Product Type: Mechanical Seals
Mixer Seals - Mixerpac

Mixerpac mixer seals are a family of engineered and standard mixer seal designs in different configurations for top, side and bottom entry installation.

Mixer Seals - MSS

The MSS Mixer Seal is a top entry, split mixer seal.

Mixer Seals - MWC-200

The MWC-200 Mixer Seal is a high-engineered dual pusher seal for large size mixers.

Brand: Flowserve

Mixer Seals - ST

The ST Mixer Seal is a bottom entry mixer seal for sterile applications.

Brand: Flowserve

Mixer Seals - VRA

VRA Mixer Seals are top entry, dry running single mixer seals.

OEM and Special Duty Seals - BulkTite

Dry running, non-wearing, non-damaging and low maintenance seal for powder and bulk solids handling equipment.

Brand: Flowserve

OEM and Special Duty Seals - Circpac MD Circumferential Bushing

Circpac MD seals are a segmented circumferential seal designed for fans, blowers, dryers, turbines, centrifuges and other rotating equipment. Circpac MD seals come packaged in a convenient split housing for easy installation. Standard designs consistently outperform packing, bushings, labyrinths, and felt seals with lower gas consumption over a wider range of operating conditions.

Brand: Flowserve

OEM and Special Duty Seals - GLS/GSS/GSG

GLS, GSS, and GSG Series seals are designed to fit the unique installation envelop and operating speeds present in integrally geared pumps and compressors. GLS seals are suitable for operating on liquid, whereas GSS seals are designed for operating in gaseous environments. GSG seals are applied at the bottom of vertical gearboxes to seal gearbox oil in and keep contaminants out.

Brand: Flowserve

OEM and Special Duty Seals - GTS

The advanced GTS seal is designed to handle real world steam applications providing the benefits of a mechanical seal in sealing steam turbines.

Brand: Flowserve

OEM and Special Duty Seals - LS-300

The LS-300 cartridge multiple dynamic lip seal is for highly viscous applications. It is designed to run dry without the need for an external flush or lubricating barrier fluid which can contaminate or dilute the process media.

OEM and Special Duty Seals - Pac-Seal

Pac-Seal elastomeric bellows component seals are designed to meet a wide variation of applications.

Flowserve believes seal excellence starts with superior design and materials. That's why Pac-Seal mechanical seals are made with using the latest engineering technology to analyze and design solutions for our customer’s most challenging applications. Our experience with diverse materials including elastomers, plastics, exotic alloys and seal face materials makes Pac-Seal mechanical seals an industry leader focused on total cost of ownership.

Brand: Pac-Seal

OEM and Special Duty Seals - PL Series

The PL-Series of seals are pre-engineered single and dual cartridge seals with nonmetallic wetted components for use in highly corrosive chemical services where the alternative cost of high alloy metal seals is prohibitive.

OEM and Special Duty Seals - PSS 4

Advanced technology semi-cartridge split seal for pump and mixer applications. The PSS 4 split seal, with intrinsic joint alignment technology, provides the easiest and most successful installation routine to make reduced equipment downtime and increased reliability... routine.

Brand: Flowserve

OEM and Special Duty Seals - PSS III

The PSS III is the ultimate semi-cartridge split seal for pump and mixer applications. The next generation of split seal technology combining ease of installation and improved process containment, the PSS III is ideal for installations striving to increase production capacity through reduced equipment down time.

Brand: Flowserve

Pusher Seals - CRO

A simple, proven and rugged design with dependability that has made it a favorite choice of maintenance personnel to seal ANSI chemical pumps. An economical, single coil spring, friction drive seal for use in ANSI chemical pumps with packing box seal chambers.

Pusher Seals - DHTW/UHTW

DHTW and UHTW pusher-type mechanical seals are custom engineered to deliver exceptional reliability in high energy, critical pumping applications. DHTW and UHTW seals are balanced, flexible stator cartridge seals available in single or dual seal configurations.

Brand: Flowserve

Pusher Seals - Europac

Single, unbalanced single wavy spring seal designed according the metric DIN 24960 standard to L1k. This seal is applied on a wide range of duties, primarily in the chemical industry where DIN standard pumps are used. Standard face materials according DIN coding.

Pusher Seals - HSH

HSH seals are built for extended reliability in high pressure, high speed and highly viscous services such as mainline crude oil pipeline pumps. HSH seals are balanced, flexible stator cartridge seals with drive mechanisms and seal face geometries engineered for high torque loads and long-term performance. The HSH seal is fully compliant with API 682 Type A requirements.

Brand: Flowserve

Pusher Seals - QB

QB Series seals are balanced pusher seals available in single and dual seal configurations used for sealing environmentally-restricted products and meeting the most stringent regulations. The QB Series is fully compliant with API 682 Type A requirements.

Brand: Flowserve

Pusher Seals - RA

A single balanced seal designed to mount outside the seal chamber. No wetted metal parts (RA-C) reduce seal costs for highly corrosive services, especially on non-metallic pumps. Installs easily on the outside of the seal chamber and is suitable for metallic and nonmetallic equipment such as plastic, glass, and lined designs.