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Byron Jackson H2O+ submersible pumps and motors

Flowserve developed the Byron Jackson H2O+ submersible pump and motor quick-delivery program because deep well submersible operators must keep the water flowing. Farmers, golf course superintendents, municipalities, industrial and mining maintenance managers depend on reliable pumping equipment for their daily processes and quick replacement when a failure occurs. This product line features 6, 8 and 10 in stainless steel pumps and Byron Jackson H2O water-filled stainless steel motors.

Byron Jackson SUBM submersible pumps with H2O water-filled motors

The Byron Jackson H2O deep well pump with direct coupled water filled motors has single or multistage design for continuous operation. Extensive selection of hydraulics, materials and options to ensure optimal value for required applications.

Byron Jackson SUBM submersible pumps with OIL oil-filled motors

The Byron Jackson SUBM is a deep well submersible pump with direct coupled oil filled submersible motors. Single or multistage design for continuous operation. Extensive selection of hydraulics, materials and options to ensure optimal value for required applications.

Double Case Pumps - APKD

The double case APKD features an innovative, double suction impeller in a true twin-volute design that produces more flow and higher head at lower NPSHR and can operate at higher speeds than conventional vertical turbine pump models.

Brand: Flowserve

Double Case Pumps - VPC

Flowserve VPC pumps are one of the world’s most comprehensive lines of mixed-flow, diffuser-style, double-case vertical turbine pumps. Available in single or multistage construction, as well as standard and ISO 13709/API 610- compliant designs, VPC pumps incorporate the proven hydraulics of the Flowserve VTP vertical turbine, wet-pit pump into a double-casing configuration. They are designed for continuous duty applications and are particularly well suited for services with limited NPSH available.

Brand: Flowserve

Double Case Pumps - WUC

Compliant with ISO 13709/API 610 (VS6), the WUC vertical turbine pump is a radial flow or axial flow type, multistage, heavy-duty double casing pump. It is designed for continuous unspared duty at a variety of high-pressure services, operating at temperature extremes and handling difficult liquids.

Slurry Pumps - MJ and MJC

MJ and MJC are vertical sump pump configurations. Designed to use M pump liquid end parts, the MJ and MJC are suitable for wet and dry pit applications and can be directly coupled or V-belt driven.

Slurry Pumps - RJ and RJC

RJ and RJC are vertical sump pump configurations. Designed to use R pump liquid end, the RJ and RJC are suitable for a broad range of wet-pit applications and may be directly coupled or V-belt driven.

Slurry Pumps - Terra-Titan

The Terra-Titan vertical, cantilever sump pump is ruggedly built to provide the economical reliability demanded by the mining, process and general industries.

Brand: TKL

Slurry Pumps - VPL3300

The Lawrence Pumps VPL3300 is designed specifically for titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) applications in pigments processing. Its true cantilever design and rugged wet-end construction are ideal for this volatile toxic slurry.

Slurry Pumps - VPL3600

ISO 13709/API 610 compliant construction and protected sleeve bearings, the Lawrence Pumps VPL3600 vertical slurry pump is specifically designed for the tough slurry applications found in decoking units

Solids Handling Pumps - MVX

MVX is a rugged wet pit pump designed for use in solids handling applications and other wet pit services. Built and tested in accordance with Hydraulic Institute standards, the MVX non-clog pump boasts numerous reliability- and performance-enhancing benefits.

Brand: Flowserve

Sump Pumps - CPXV

The Flowserve CPXV is a vertical sump pump incorporating state-of-the-art hydraulic design for efficient and reliable service. The CPXV can be customized to meet a wide range of needs. Compliant with ISO 5199, the CPXV is available in more than 40 hydraulic wet-ends and numerous materials of construction. It is also available with multiple mechanical seal options and sump depths. Also, for oil and gas installations, the CPXV is available with many ISO 13709/API 610 compliant features.

Brand: IDP

Sump Pumps - ECPJ

The ECPJ single-stage, vertical lineshaft sump pump is designed to perform tough jobs reliably, under a variety of difficult conditions. Based on a modular design system, this rugged pump is fully compliant with the latest ISO 13709/API 610 (VS4) standards and may be custom engineered for the specific application in which it will be used.

Sump Pumps - ESP3

Boasting the same casing, reverse vane impeller and CBL cover as the industry-leading Durco Mark 3 chemical process pump, the ESP3 pump is ruggedly built to handle tough applications. It is the only vertical wet-pit immersion sump pump to offer parts interchangeability with standard ASME B73.1 horizontal pumps. The upshot is increased parts standardization and reduced inventory costs.

Brand: Flowserve

Sump Pumps - PolyChem VGRP

The PolyChem VGRP is a fiberglass, vertical immersion, open impeller pump designed for corrosive wet-pit applications in waste handling and chemical transfer.

Brand: Flowserve

Sump Pumps - VPL1700

The VPL1700 multistage, vertical lineshaft pump from Lawrence Pumps is ideal for transferring toxic liquids (e.g., chlorine, phosgene, anhydrous cyanide and other lethal fluids). Pumps are top-entry, tank-mounted for maximum safety and reliability.

Vertical Double Case - QLC and QLQC

The QLC and QLQC are double-casing, double-suction, vertical turbine pumps. Available in single or multistage units and featuring true twin-volutes, QLC and QLQC pumps incorporate the proven hydraulics of the QL and QLQ into a double-casing configuration. Design flexibility makes these pumps ideal for process applications. Standard and ISO 13709/API 610 (VS7) compliant designs are available to meet varying industry demands. For the power industry, the standard pump design offers the advantage of multistage construction for reliable condensate extraction service.

Wet Pit Pumps - AFV

The Flowserve AFV axial flow suspended shaft vertical pump is a single stage propeller type design. This family of pumps is specifically designed for low head movement of water for a multitude of municipal, agricultural and industrial services.

Brand: Flowserve

Wet Pit Pumps - Barge VTP

Specifically designed for transportation barges, the Flowserve Barge Pump continues to be the premier brand used on inland and coastal waterways. The Barge Pump is a vertical self-contained, self-priming unit designed for barge unloading and transfer operations. With the high-efficiency Barge Pump, stripping turnaround times are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, its innovative pollution prevention design inhibits costly oil and chemical spills.

Brand: Flowserve