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Product Category: Pumps

Product Type: Between Bearings Pumps
Single Case Pumps - Axially Split - Multistage - DMX

The type DMX is a horizontal split case, dual volute, heavy duty, high pressure multistage unit with opposed impellers in accordance with API 610 latest edition. It is available in various sizes and material combinations making it suitable for service on a wide range of process and industrial applications.

Brand: Flowserve

Single Case Pumps - Radially Split - DVSR

The DVSR is a between bearings, radially split, single stage pump designed for continuous service in severe duty, high pressure pipeline services. Based on our range of DVSH, axially split pumps with over 100 hydraulics available, the DVSR is the ideal choice where an axially split pump is limited.

Brand: Flowserve

Single Case Pumps - Radially Split - EC

The EC is a multistage, horizontal split case pump, designed to support large flow and high head applications in mining and water transmission applications. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Brand: TKL

Single Case Pumps - Radially Split - HDX / HDX - TT

Between Bearing Radially Split One Stage

Brand: Flowserve

Single Case Pumps - Radially Split - HED/HED-DS

The HED/HED-DS is a between bearing, radially split, two-stage, centerline mounted pump engineered for safe, reliable operation in heavy-duty process services and elevated temperatures.

Brand: Flowserve

Single-Case Pumps - Axially Split - API - DVSH-RO

Flowserve DVSH-RO single-stage, high-pressure membrane feed pumps are engineered to deliver high-efficiency operation and long-term reliability in heavy-duty seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) processes. Based on the widely used DVSH ISO 13709/API 610 (BB1) pump, the DVSH-RO pump is configured to meet the specific performance demands of desalination processes. A side-by-side nozzle configuration and optimized hydraulics provide the best hydraulic fit to maximize operating efficiency and stability. Corrosion-resistant materials ensure long-term service life without degradation.

Brand: Flowserve

Single-Case Pumps - Axially Split - Multistage - DMX-RO

Flowserve DMX-RO high-efficiency membrane feed pumps are engineered using the latest technologies and materials to provide long-lasting, efficient operation in reverse osmosis applications. The DMX-RO pump is built for high-pressure, heavy-duty membrane feed services used typically in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) applications. Hydraulics are designed with advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to provide best system performance and minimize operating expenses.

Brand: Flowserve