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Product Type: Overhung Pumps
Industrial Process Pumps - DS-RO

The Flowserve DS-RO single-stage, end-suction, foot-mounted pump is engineered specifically for auxiliary applications found in reverse osmosis desalination processes. This versatile pump is well-suited for plant support services such as filtered water, low- or high-pressure feed boosting, potable water, backwash and others. Optimized hydraulics and high-alloy materials of construction, like ASTM A890 Grade 5A/6A super duplex stainless steel, provide high-efficiency performance and long-term reliability that result in increased uptime with low cost of ownership.

Industrial Process Pumps - FP

The FP is a well proven family of multistage, overhung ring section pumps with excellent hydraulic efficiency and high suction lift capability. They are ideal for high-pressure water applications.

Brand: Flowserve

Industrial Process Pumps - FRBH

The Flowserve FRBH pump, specifically designed for the pulp and paper industry, is a single stage, radially split, end suction centrifugal pump with a semi-open overhung impeller.

Industrial Process Pumps - MEN and MENBLOC

The MEN Series of single-stage, end suction water pumps provides broad hydraulic coverage with low total cost of ownership. MEN Series pumps feature optimized hydraulics and rugged construction to deliver long, reliable and efficient performance.

Brand: Flowserve

Industrial Process Pumps - MVE

The MVE mixed-flow, single-stage volute pump is designed to deliver high volume flow at low to medium heads. It provides reliable performance in numerous industrial, municipal and agriculture services.

Brand: TKL

Industrial Process Pumps - SMP

The horizontal frame mounted SMP single stage, standard motor pump has evolved as Flowserve design engineers have anticipated the growing and diverse applications requiring economical and reliable pumping. Their attention to SMP’s mechanical construction, materials and hydraulics has resulted in unsurpassed satisfaction and low life cycle cost for users.

Brand: Flowserve

Industrial Process Pumps - ZHN, ZDN, ZEN, ZDI

Superior hot water circulation, up to 230°C (446°F) with a standard un-cooled mechanical seal, gives the unique ability to minimise life-cycle cost. Internal separation and removal of undesirable vapour (steam) enhances mechanical seal face lubrication and improves reliability. High-level hydraulic efficiency ensures that running cost are predictably low.

Brand: SIHI

Industrial Process Pumps - ZLN, ZLK, ZLI

ZLN, ZLK, ZLI industrial process pumps are suitable for temperatures up to 170°C (338°F). This diverse range of general purpose pumps offers the user a low life-cycle cost solution. Capital cost, power consumption, maintenance, reliability and waste, have all been considered during the extensive development phase.

Brand: SIHI

Industrial Process Pumps - ZTN, ZTK, ZTI

Operational safety, environmental concern and long-term reliabilty, are the three aspects which make this pump an ideal choice for thermal oils up to 350°C (662°F). High-end hydraulic efficiency is complimented by almost maintenance-free operation, in which to give a low Life-Cycle cost solution. Shaft sealing can be either a combiniation of mechanical and secondary lip seals.

Brand: SIHI

INNOMAG TB-MAG Fluoropolymer-Lined, Magnetic Drive, ISO Or ASME (ANSI) Chemical Process Pump

Compliant with ASME B73.3 or ISO 2858/15783 standards, the INNOMAG TB-MAG pump is engineered to provide low total cost of ownership and exceptional leakage protection in extremely corrosive and environmentally critical applications. The key to its proven performance is its revolutionary dynamic thrust balancing system. This system eliminates the need for thrust bearings and results in highly efficient operation, even in applications containing solids.


INNOMAG U-MAG fluoropolymer-lined, magnetic drive pump

The INNOMAG U-MAG fluoropolymer-lined, magnetic drive pump provides exceptional safety, performance and value in general purpose chemical process and smaller volume pumping applications in a wide variety of industries. This versatile, compact pump offers outstanding leakage protection for compliance with environmental regulations or “clean floor” initiatives. An available high-purity configuration makes it ideal for applications demanding the strictest purity requirements. Dependable and easy to maintain, the U-MAG will deliver years of reliable, cost-effective service.


SIHI CBT High-Capacity, Metallic, ISO Chemical Process Pump

The CBT is a horizontal, single-stage volute casing pump with ISO 2858/5199 design features and nominal rating. Engineered for applications in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals processing with flows beyond the range defined by ISO 2858.

Brand: SIHI

Slurry Pumps - HPX6000

The HPX6000 high temperature process slurry pump is engineered for API 610 applications. This pump is a double walled pump where the outer casing manages the pressure and the internal liners are made from erosion resistant material that provides long life. The impeller is also made from the same erosion resistant material and is a true slurry design with repelling vanes in place of wear rings.

Slurry Pumps - LC

The LC chemical slurry pump is a horizontal, frame mounted, single stage, end suction design with a tangential discharge nozzle. It is engineered to withstand the rigor of applications that are both abrasive and corrosive.

Brand: Flowserve

Slurry Pumps - M

The M hard-metal slurry pump is a horizontal, single stage, end suction design with a tangential discharge nozzle. Fitted with a hard metal liquid end, the M pump is engineered to handle high concentrations of coarse, abrasive solids in suspension.

Slurry Pumps - R

The type R rubber-lined slurry pump is a horizontal, single-stage, end suction design, with a tangential discharge nozzle. Engineered to handle high concentrations of fine abrasive solids in suspension or corrosive/abrasive mixtures.

Slurry Pumps - Titan-Slurry

The Flowserve Titan Slurry pump is a true mill circuit slurry pump. It reflects the company's innovation and engineering expertise in hydraulic design, materials science and manufacturing excellence. General Industries, Mining, Water Resources, Primary Metals, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation.

Brand: TKL

Solids Handling Pumps - MF and MFV

The MF and MFV are rugged and efficient solids-handling pumps. These pumps are designed specifically for reliability, low cost and long life in demanding sewage handling services or where suspended solids are of particular concern. The MF pump is an end-suction, side discharge, mixed flow, non-clog pump.

Solids Handling Pumps - MN and MNV

The MN and MNV are rugged, large-capacity, mixed-flow, solids-handling pumps designed specifically for reliability, low cost and long life in demanding sewage handling services or where suspended solids are of particular concern. The MN pump is an end-suction, side discharge, non-clog pump.

Solids Handling Pumps - MPT

The Flowserve MPT is a self-priming, solids handling pump designed to provide reliable, peak performance and low cost in demanding services containing suspended solids. The MPT deftly handles dirty, gritty water as well as free-flowing slurries, sewage, sewage sludge and many trade effluents.

Brand: Flowserve