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Product Brand: Worthington
Sump Pumps - ECPJ

The ECPJ single-stage, vertical lineshaft sump pump is designed to perform tough jobs reliably, under a variety of difficult conditions. Based on a modular design system, this rugged pump is fully compliant with the latest ISO 13709/API 610 (VS4) standards and may be custom engineered for the specific application in which it will be used.

Vertical Double Case - QLC and QLQC

The QLC and QLQC are double-casing, double-suction, vertical turbine pumps. Available in single or multistage units and featuring true twin-volutes, QLC and QLQC pumps incorporate the proven hydraulics of the QL and QLQ into a double-casing configuration. Design flexibility makes these pumps ideal for process applications. Standard and ISO 13709/API 610 (VS7) compliant designs are available to meet varying industry demands. For the power industry, the standard pump design offers the advantage of multistage construction for reliable condensate extraction service.

Wet Pit Pumps - QL and QLQ

QL and QLQ vertical, double-suction turbine pumps minimize operating and maintenance problems associated with typical vertical turbine pumps. They feature double-suction (first-stage) impellers in true twin-volute designs, providing reliable, economical performance in difficult wet-pit services. Their optional enclosed lineshaft construction makes them ideal for use in open sumps as well as numerous industrial applications containing silt or abrasive solids. Also available in an ISO 13709/API 610 (VS2) compliant design to meet varying industry demands.

Wet Pit Pumps - WUJ

The Flowserve WUJ is a multistage, heavy duty single casing vertical turbine pump in compliance with ISO 13709/API 610 (VS1) requirements. The WUJ is designed for continuous, un-spared duty in a variety of severe services, including high pressure and temperature extremes at wet pit or deep well applications.