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Product Category: Pumps

Brand: TKL
Industrial Process Pumps - MVE

The MVE mixed-flow, single-stage volute pump is designed to deliver high volume flow at low to medium heads. It provides reliable performance in numerous industrial, municipal and agriculture services.

Brand: TKL

Single Case Pumps - Radially Split - EC

The EC is a multistage, horizontal split case pump, designed to support large flow and high head applications in mining and water transmission applications. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Brand: TKL

Slurry Pumps - Terra-Titan

The Terra-Titan vertical, cantilever sump pump is ruggedly built to provide the economical reliability demanded by the mining, process and general industries.

Brand: TKL

Slurry Pumps - Titan-Slurry

The Flowserve Titan Slurry pump is a true mill circuit slurry pump. It reflects the company's innovation and engineering expertise in hydraulic design, materials science and manufacturing excellence. General Industries, Mining, Water Resources, Primary Metals, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation.

Brand: TKL