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Product Brand: NAF
Floating Ball Valves - Duball DL

The Duball DL is a high-performance, metal-seated, full-bore ball valve, equally suitable for isolation, on-off and modulating control applications.

Brand: NAF

High Performance Butterfly Valves - Torex

The NAF Torex high-performance, triple-offset, metal- or soft-seated butterfly valve is frequently used for isolation or on-off applications, but is equally suitable for control, especially on high-flow, low-pressure applications.

Brand: NAF

Pneumatic Actuators - Linkage - Turnex

The Linkage - Turnex Pneumatic Actuator is a heavy-duty actuator for high performance modulating control or on-off service.

Brand: NAF

Segmented Ball Valves - ProCap

ProCap Segmented Ball Valves are unique high-tech capping valves designed for automated filling of wood chips for batch digester applications in the pulp industry.

Brand: NAF

Segmented Ball Valves - Setball

Setball Segmented Ball Valves are cost-competitive general service valves that offer excellent rangeability and high-flow capacity.

Brand: NAF

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Check

The Check Tilting Disk Check Valve is a cost-effective valve with a unique design that provides excellent tightness and minimizes water-hammering.

Brand: NAF

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves - Trunnball DL

Trunnball DL are full-port process ball valves well suited for the most challenging operating conditions. They are frequently used for isolation or on-off applications but equally suitable for control.

Brand: NAF