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Brand: McCANNA
Floating Ball Valves - McCANNA (various configurations)

The McCANNA Floating Ball Valve is a top entry ball valve.

Brand: McCANNA

Floating Ball Valves - McCANNA Cryogenic Ball Valve

The McCANNA Cryogenic Ball Valve is the optimum solution for cryogen flow isolation at temperatures as low as -196°C (-320°F), including LNG liquefaction, transportation and regasification. It is certified fire-safe and meets ISO 15848 standards.

Brand: McCANNA

Top Entry Ball Valves - McCANNA

The McCANNA Top Entry Ball Valve has the following:

  • Floating or trunnion design for inline maintainability
  • Wedge seat design for less wear and longer life
  • Stem seal design complying to ISO 15848 Fugitive emission requirements
  • Special low-torque cryogenic seat profile

Brand: McCANNA