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Brand: Lawrence Pumps
Axial Flow Pump - AFH9000

Low pressure Axial Flow Pump. This pump features a back pullout design allowing the propeller to be removed without disconnecting the pump from the system piping.

Polyolefin Reactor Pump - AFH9500

The Lawrence Pumps AFH9500 high pressure loop reactor pump is engineered for polyolefin reactor slurry applications. This is a specialty axial flow pump specifically designed for polyethylene and polypropylene production.

Slurry Pumps - HPX6000

The HPX6000 high temperature process slurry pump is engineered for API 610 applications. This pump is a double walled pump where the outer casing manages the pressure and the internal liners are made from erosion resistant material that provides long life. The impeller is also made from the same erosion resistant material and is a true slurry design with repelling vanes in place of wear rings.

Slurry Pumps - VPL3300

The Lawrence Pumps VPL3300 is designed specifically for titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) applications in pigments processing. Its true cantilever design and rugged wet-end construction are ideal for this volatile toxic slurry.

Slurry Pumps - VPL3600

ISO 13709/API 610 compliant construction and protected sleeve bearings, the Lawrence Pumps VPL3600 vertical slurry pump is specifically designed for the tough slurry applications found in decoking units

Sump Pumps - VPL1700

The VPL1700 multistage, vertical lineshaft pump from Lawrence Pumps is ideal for transferring toxic liquids (e.g., chlorine, phosgene, anhydrous cyanide and other lethal fluids). Pumps are top-entry, tank-mounted for maximum safety and reliability.