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Brand: Durametallic
Accessories - BGM

Rare earth magnets keep the seal faces closed. Seals off the bearing housing completely from the effects of high humidity, temperature transients, heat and dust environments

Accessories - Seal Gard

The Seal Gard is designed to improve the mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM) of your rotary equipment by improving the environment in the seal area. Tough, unitized construction - engineered flow control valve, flow tube, metering float, pressure gauge, check valve, and pipe connections are combined with an optional alarm into a compact package to provide total control of the sealing environment.

Accessories - SLD

The SLD seal support system from Flowserve dispenses lubrication to the atmospheric side of mechanical seals. It is ideal for seals subjected to periods of dry running or cavitation when product liquid (pumpage) does not provide adequate film between seal faces. The SLD is proven to greatly extend flushless seal life in harsh slurry conditions.

Gas Barrier and Containment Seals - GF-200

Flowserve GF-200 dual seals are non-contacting, gas barrier seals used in applications where no emissions of hazardous pumped products can be tolerated. Advanced Pattern Groove System provides low speed lift-off, low gas leakage and no face contact.

Gas Barrier and Containment Seals - GX-200

The GX-200 is a dual pressurized gas barrier metal bellows seal utilizing APGS non-contacting seal face technology. Welded metal bellows eliminate dynamic O-ring hang-up in a compact cartridge that fits ANSI and DIN standard bore seal chamber pumps. Inert barrier gas eliminates process contamination, reduces power consumption and provides zero process emissions in hazardous services.

Mixer Seals - M Series

M Series cartridge canister seals are designed to accommodate today’s demanding operating conditions and will satisfy tomorrow’s needs for increased shaft size, temperature, pressure, and speed applications.

Mixer Seals - MSS

The MSS Mixer Seal is a top entry, split mixer seal.

Mixer Seals - VRA

VRA Mixer Seals are top entry, dry running single mixer seals.

OEM and Special Duty Seals - PL Series

The PL-Series of seals are pre-engineered single and dual cartridge seals with nonmetallic wetted components for use in highly corrosive chemical services where the alternative cost of high alloy metal seals is prohibitive.

Pusher Seals - CRO

A simple, proven and rugged design with dependability that has made it a favorite choice of maintenance personnel to seal ANSI chemical pumps. An economical, single coil spring, friction drive seal for use in ANSI chemical pumps with packing box seal chambers.

Pusher Seals - RA

A single balanced seal designed to mount outside the seal chamber. No wetted metal parts (RA-C) reduce seal costs for highly corrosive services, especially on non-metallic pumps. Installs easily on the outside of the seal chamber and is suitable for metallic and nonmetallic equipment such as plastic, glass, and lined designs.

Pusher Seals - RO

A simple, proven and rugged design with dependability that has made it a favorite choice of maintenance personnel to seal ANSI chemical pumps. Heavy cross sections of the rotary components resist high levels of corrosion. Utilizing a simple rugged open rotary unit design, aggressive, abrasive and viscous fluids can be sealed easier than with other ANSI seal types that incorporate shrouded spring rotaries.

Slurry Seals - SLM

The SLM family of self-contained cartridge seals is designed for reliable operation in the majority of slurry services. Engineered to operate with no outside flush liquid to eliminate product dilution, increase plant efficiency and reduce operating costs.