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Product Category: Pumps

Brand: Byron Jackson
Deep Well Submersible Motor Pumps - Byron Jackson SUBM

The Byron Jackson SUBM is a deep well submersible pump with direct coupled oil filled submersible motors. Single or multistage design for continuous operation. Huge variety of hydraulics, materials, electrical layouts and options to ensure optimal selection for required service.

Ebullated Bed Recycle - PR

Flowserve has been the sole source pump supplier for ebullated bed residue hydrocracking since 1967, with more than 80 installed pumps worldwide. The Ebullator pump is defined as critical service and is unspared, so reliability is of upmost importance. The Ebullator pump is subjected to extreme process conditions with high temperature (>400°C, 752°F), high suction pressure (>180 bar, 2610 psi), entrained gas, as well as corrosive and erosive process fluid.

Horizontal - Multistage - Double Case - HDO and HSO

The HDO is a between bearing, multistage, radially split double case barrel with an axially split double volute, opposed impeller inner case. Designed for medium and high pressure applications. In excess of thousands of units installed, the Flowserve HSO/HDO high pressure multistage barrel pump is a unique member of the double-case barrel pump family in that it is offered in both General Purpose and Special Purpose configurations. The HSO/HDO volute-style barrel pumps are manufactured to customer specifications, often exceeding ISO 13709/API 610 (BB5).